About Us & Our Kitchen

Watching me in the kitchen was a joke…why?

Because I couldn’t bake. I mean REALLY couldn’t bake. Burnt, biscuits, mushy muffins and sloppy slices were all I could manage. So I stopped trying.

Then something happened. Within three years, I had three children and moved house. And we put a fancy new kitchen into the new house. With a sparkly new kitchen and three little hungry mouths calling me, I decided to have another go at baking.

To my amazement, with some help from recipe books and patient friends, I started to bake food that was actually edible and a love affair began. I just wanted to bake all the time and thus my enthusiasm (and supply of baking equipment) grew!

BUT STOP! I came across a constant problem with my newfound love. Storing the numerous baking tins, pans and trays! I shoved, stacked and balanced them in kitchen cupboards but they all clattered and fell about every time I tried to get to one and I grew increasingly annoyed.

I raised the issue with my husband who is a product designer and pretty handy with aluminium and he reappeared some time later with my Cakesnake. It worked like a dream and I loved it. So much so that I thought that it would help EVERY kitchen. It is a simple idea which makes a huge difference in storing and accessing bakeware.

Now we spend our time thinking about and working on other kitchen inventions which we believe you will love to use and look at.

- Elizabeth


About the Designer - Stephen Procter

The Cakesnake rack is designed by Sydney based product designer, Stephen Procter. Born in New Zealand, Stephen has been in Sydney since 1999. Stephen first gained recognition as a designer in 2007, when he won the prestigious "most promising newcomer" award at the Milan Furniture Fair. It was the first time an Australian or New Zealander had won the award.

Since then, Stephen has designed the Alma cot range for Bloom Baby, he head designer and owner of Procson Pulpits and Swirla Communion trays.

He also has many design projects in the pipeline with several European companies.

The coolest thing is, however, that Stephen Procter is Elizabeth's husband and he spends a lot of time eating cakes in their kitchen.