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Unfortunately, Cakesnake is coming to an end. Therefore all products are drastically reduced. Buy now before they are no longer available.

What happens when a baker loves an inventor? Inventions for baking of course! It is our pleasure to share them with you.

Cakesnake - the storage rack for bakeware

The Cakesnake rack is made of aluminium, making it light but strong. It is great for organising bakeware, such as baking trays, cookie sheets, roasting tins, muffin pans and cooling racks. It can also be used to store chopping boards, platters, trays, cook books or pie dishes. The Cakesnake can be used in most standard sized kitchen cabinets or deep drawers and can be easily moved into another cupboard or drawer if you re-organise your kitchen or move house. Brilliant!

Available in white or red were $39.95, NOW $29.95.

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storage rack for bakeware

The Cupcake Cloud

This cupcake stand officially ends an era of ugly, boring cupcake stands. The Cupcake cloud is so gorgeous that you will always want to have it on show. A funky way to display 12 cupcakes or other goodies such as muffins, chocolates, canapes, biscuits, scones, slices. Comes apart in two pieces for easy storage.

Available in white was $49.95 NOW $25.00 or polished stainless steel was $97.95 NOW $48.00.

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White and Stainless steel in stock

storage rack for bakeware

The Fruit Pyramid

Love fruit but hate fruit bowls and the space they take up? The Fruit Pyramid was born out of frustration with the amount of kitchen bench space (or table space) that the common fruit bowl takes up. The Fruit Pyramid simply leans against a wall and is available in large (10 holders) or small (6 holders). It is simple in function and stylish in design. It also works well for eggs.

Large was $49.95 NOW $25.00, Small was $39.95 NOW $20.00.

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storage rack for bakeware

The Puzzle Plates

Let's face it, plates can be a little boring and I like to present food (especially dessert) with a little drama! The puzzle plates are exactly the way to do it. They come in sets of 4 and look stunning. They can be a beautiful centre piece too, for fruit, chocolates or canapes. They make any food look amazing. Made out of mirror acrylic plastic.

Was $40.00 NOW $20.00 (set of 4)

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storage rack for bakeware

All products are designed and manufactured by us, in Sydney, Australia. All designs are patent protected.